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Wills, Trusts and Estates

The Law Offices of Kathleen M. Moore can draft key estate planning documents like a will and revocable trust.  Having these documents helps you make sure your property will go where you want when you die and that your heirs will receive the property in the fastest and least expensive manner. Proper estate planning also includes making sure you have the necessary documents to make sure your medical and financial decisions are made by the people you want if you become incapacitated, and that your wishes regarding the use of life-prolonging equipment will be known in case it is ever needed.


Estate planning does not stop once you have your foundational estate established and your assets funded into your Revocable Trust.  Every day events occur that may affect your estate plan.  At least once a year, or once every few years, you should take another look at your estate plan to ensure it still accomplishes what you want.


There will be changes in your life that affect your estate plan, such as:

· Getting married or divorced;

· Having or adopting children;

· Change in financial status, such as retiring or winning the lottery;

· Selling your business or buying a business; or

· Moving to another state.


In addition to the above, there will also be changes in tax and estate planning laws at both the state and federal levels that will affect your estate plan.  In addition to changes in federal tax laws, some states, including Florida, have recently revised their own estate tax laws.


Kathleen Moore has designed an estate planning questionnaire to assist people in creating their estate documents; wills, trusts, health care surrogate designation and a durable power of attorney.  The form is a bit long; however, only  the first few pages are needed to start creating the documents.  The rest of the questionnaire really serves two purposes - to help someone review their estate to make sure their estate passes as they wish and also to leave a comprehensive list of one’s assets to whomever is responsible to carry out their wishes after one passes.

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